One-on-One Wrestling (wrestler and coach):

              • $100 per 1-hour session or $60 per 30 minutes
              • If a package of 4 lessons is purchased, a 5th lesson will be given at no cost (in a 28 day period)
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Video Analysis

              • $80 per 1-hour session or $50 per 30 minutes
              • If a package of 4 lessons is purchased, a 5th lesson will be given at no cost (in a 28 day period)
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Types of lessons:

              •       One-on-One: 1-hour session
              •       Private lesson (with partner): 1-hour session
              •       Group of 4-6: 1-hour session
              •       One-on-One: 30 min session
              •       Private lesson (with partner): 30 minute session
              •       Small Group private of 4-6: $45 per student per 1-hour session (have to bring a partner) 

General Guidelines:

              • Private lessons (individual or group) have an expiration  of four weeks from the date when the first lesson is taught.
              • All four lessons must be redeemed within four weeks from the date when the first of the four lessons is taught. There will be no refunds or extended if the lessons are not redeemed within this time period.
              • Apex staff is not responsible if a 2 or 4 lesson package has been purchased and the student neglects to schedule a date and time for each of the two to four lessons at the time of purchase. A refund or extension will not be granted.
              • Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance or the lesson will be considered redeemed.
              • A “no-show,” is considered a lesson redeemed.
              • Students must arrive on time. The lesson begins and ends precisely at the scheduled time. Instructors will not run over designated hour to make up for lost time.
              • Private lessons are on a first come, first served basis.
              • Apex instructors will be available for lessons during designated days and times only.
              • Instructors are not responsible for coordinating workout partners among students.
              • Parents and students are responsible for deciding and coordinating the time and attendance among student members of groups.

Purchasing and scheduling private or small group sessions:

              • To schedule or cancel a personalized lesson, please email the instructor.
              • In the initial email, provide the scheduling coordinator with the type of lesson you would like to purchase (e.g., a package of four individual or focus group lessons or a video analysis session) and with the name(s) of the student(s), the program the student(s) is(are) enrolled in at Apex, and a description of what the lesson goal(s) or area(s) for development and instruction are.
              • Payment in full for a package of four personalized lessons or a video analysis session is due to the Apex instructor at the time of the first session. If paying by check, checks are to be made out to Apex Wrestling Academy. If payment is denied by the bank on the check, an alternative form of payment must provided to Apex to continue lessons or video analysis. Customer will be held responsible for any fees associated with any checks denied.

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